MBSE and MDA presentations

Discussion of MDA with respect to MBSE
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MBSE and MDA presentations

Postby julianfej » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:06 pm

3/3/2016 JJ MBSE/MDA presentation
For info, attached is the 'starter for 10' presentation that I gave at the MBSE WG meeting on 3/3/2016 (Derby).

19/5/2016 MDA at the MoD, by Chris Raistrick (Abstract Solutions)
This is available http://www.incosewiki.info/Model_Based_Systems_Engineering/Files/a/ad/MDA_with_UML_at_the_MoD.pdf

regards, Julian.
2016 03 03 MBSE WG MBSE and MDA JJ v1.pdf
JJ presentation, date in file name.
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